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Explore our latest arrivals and discover the essence of Indian cuisine with our handcrafted, homemade products. From spice blends to dumpling wrappers, each item is curated to bring authentic flavors to your table.

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SpiceGali’s papads and vermicelli are a taste of home, even in the bustling streets of New York. The quality and authenticity of their products make them stand out, and I love sharing them with my friends here.

Aarav Mehta

New York, USA

SpiceGali’s papads and vermicelli are a culinary delight! As an Indian living in Australia, I appreciate the convenience of ordering online and the amazing flavors that remind me of home. They’re a staple in my kitchen now!

Kavita Reddy

Sydney, Australia

SpiceGali’s papads and vermicelli have become a favorite in my household. The quality and taste are unmatched, and they’ve added a new dimension to our meals. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for authentic Indian flavors.

Ankit Sharma

Mumbai, India